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  1. Hi there, Great tips by the way and thank you. I did have a
    question though. I’m hoping you can answer it for me since you seem to be pretty knowledgeable
    about gardening. How does Preen (Trifluralin) stop
    new weeds from growing without killing grown plants? I’m trying
    to get rid of weeds without hurting my vegetables.
    If you had some insight I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. Preen prevents seed from germinating. Spread thickly enough once it is watered in it forms a gaseous layer over the soil that prevents seed from germinating. Raking and other action on the soil can disrupt that layer and open it up for weeds. It is recommended that Preen or casoron or any of their cousins not be applied in a plant’s first year.

      Thanks for asking

    2. When in doubt always read the label. I am not sure I would use any chemicals around edibles. It would certainly not be wise until after the seed germinated and then I think it would get into your plant and into your body.

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