Update to the website


We are having some issues trying to update the address on both websites, as you requested. Have you received any email notification from WordPress or any other emails regarding issues, errors or anything with either or both of the sites? If you have, could you please forward them to us?

We don’t know if you recall, but we previously shared with you that we’ve been having periodic issues with the site. Nearly all of the issues have been related to a plugin (added software) that the gentleman that developed your websites used to add features to the sites. Thankfully, up to this point we’ve been able to identify the issues and correct them. We hope that if you have received email notifications that they will assist us in identifying the current issue and once again we can correct it.

However, as we have attempted to contact the maker of this plugin/software in the past and have received no assistance, we fear that at some point the issues will not be fixable. We want to be sure that you are prepared, just in case.

Again, if you could check your email used with your website admin account and forward any emails you might have received, hopefully this will help.

Lori Sheppard
KevLorS Group